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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Long Island KILN DRIED Firewood

***** Insane Store Prices *****

$1300 to $1500+ per Cord

Think buying firewood in the store is a good deal?

We all buy things in the stores because it's convenient. There's always a price to pay for that convenience. How much are you willing to pay?
Does 100% to 200% more sound fair ?
That's what you are paying if you buy KILN DRIED Firewood in the supermarkets, 7-11 or Home Depot.

The Facts

Packaged KILN DRIED firewood bought in stores is absolutely the most expensive way to enjoy a fire. On average
you are paying between $1300 to $1500+ PER CORD !!!!!!!!!
That can cost you close to $2 per log. Buying firewood in small packages is the most expensive way to purchase it. Just think how much small bottles of water cost (per volume) compared to 5 gallon jugs, except KILN DRIED Firewood is much more expensive than water.

When you purchase KILN DRIED firewood from a store everyone has their hands in your pocket. The producer sells it to the wholesaler. The wholesaler sells it to the store. The store sells it to you + the County collects their 8.625% Retails Sales Tax.
By the time you are done, everyone has made a ton of $$$ from you being too lazy to care. That's okay if you've got $$$ to burn.

The Math

The stores are counting on the fact that you will no be able to do the math. After all, most people don't know how to convert bundles & bags of firewood into the true price per cord.

Here is the conversion :

Most people know a cord of firewood as a 4 x 4 x 8 stack.
A cord is a legal volume measurement = 128 cubic feet.

Most bags/bundles of firewood are 0.75 cubic feet.
AT 0.75 cubic feet :

$6.99 x 170 = $1188 + $102 tax = $1290 per cord

Some bags/bundles are 0.85 cubic feet.
AT 0.85 cubic feet :

$8.99 x 144 = $1295 + $112 tax = $1407 per cord

( The photo above shows the prices for each & price per cord. )
Would you buy those bags if they labeled
the TRUE CORD PRICES as shown in the photo?

Who Cares ?

You might say "so what, I only have a few fires every year" or maybe
"I like the convenience of buying the wood in the stores".
Everyone is free to make there own decisions.

Did you know buying firewood in stores hurts the local economy? Zero of your purchase is supporting local business.
The store is a huge corporation, the wholesaler is too.
The producers many times are foreign = outside of the USA.
You might as well be buying oil.

You can save tax of 6.125% to 8.625% by having firewood delivered. In the stores you are paying 8.625% Retail Sales Tax in both Nassau & Suffolk County. The Residential Fuel Delivery Tax in Suffolk County is only 2.5% & in Nassau County it is ZERO !!!

Don't forget each bag/bundle has plastic and labels.
You are also paying the hidden credit card fees, shoppers club cards & store coupon discounts that are built into all store prices.


What can you do ?

Keep on buying foreign KILN DRIED Firewood
at a 100% to 200% mark up over
quality local KILN DRIED firewood or
buy your firewood from reputable Long Island companies.

It's your choice, I just did the math for you.

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